Do you need to know how to sell your home quickly while relocating? There is a lot going on when you buy and sell a house at the same time, but there are things you may do to be fully prepared! We’ve put up a guide of steps and considerations intended to assist you through this frequent procedure.

1. Investigate the housing market

The first thing you should do when considering selling your home quickly while you’re in the midst of relocation is research the current market. This gives you an edge when dealing with both agents and purchasers, as well as allowing you to properly size your own expectations. Consider the following factors while researching:

  • Price – What are similar houses in your neighborhood selling for? Think about the age and condition of the house, as well as local factors such as schools, restaurants, and other amenities when researching comparable properties. The price per square foot of comparable homes that have sold recently may be used to calculate the value of your own home.
  • Time on market – It’s critical to understand the typical time on market for your neighborhood’s houses. The length of time a property is advertised for sale before it sells is referred to as time on market. Knowing the market time will aid in better preparing for both the moment to move and sell at the same time.
  • What type of market – Is your market a buyer’s or a seller’s market? The nature of the market will have an impact on your selling approach. When you sell your house, a seller’s market would benefit you the most. A buyer’s market can be induced by a lack of inventory and high demand, but there are other reasons that might contribute to it as well. In a seller’s market, house prices will be greater and the time on market will be low. In a seller’s market, you may ask for more money because both of you are moving and selling. Buyer’s markets present benefits since sellers are more eager to sell and you have greater negotiating leeway.

2. Get and appraisal and consider getting an inspection

The sequence of the next few suggestions may be altered, but the next thing you should do is get as much information as possible about your own home. An agent can assist you in determining the price of your property, but having hard figures ahead of time will give you an edge with purchasers and speed up the sale of your home since your agent will have less work to do.

Getting an appraisal on your home provides you with a good general idea of how much you may sell it for. Buyers who have been pre-approved for a loan will know exactly how much they can afford, so this information will be quite beneficial to them. Furthermore, having an inspection done will speed up the negotiation process since buyers will know exactly what needs to be fixed (and so will you).

3. Understand WHY you are selling your home

Knowing why you want to sell your house will assist you in determining what you are willing to give up during the sale and acquisition process.

While you should communicate this to your real estate agent so they understand your specific demands, be careful not to reveal it with sellers when viewing properties for purchase. You may not get the best deal if they know what you can give up.

4. Find the right agent

Make certain you select an agent that understands what you want and is willing to listen. Make sure they are aware of the importance of timeliness and that they know your area well.

5. Decide what to fix and what to leave alone

You should have a clear picture of what you want to repair and what you are willing to leave alone after your home inspection. Your agent can also assist you in determining which repairs, if any, will provide the greatest return on investment. Ask your real estate agent which repairs increase the value of a property most and which repairs, if left alone, would have little impact on the selling price.

6. Prepare the house for sale

House preparation for sale entails both repairs and other tasks such as landscaping and interior house staging. We discuss this all the time, but it’s worth noting again.

Neutral and well-received hues should be used for repainting and new carpet. Anything too specialized or inventive might prevent your buyer from visualizing themselves in the house – give them a blank canvas! Sellers may choose to have their houses properly staged, but if that isn’t an option, simply make sure your house is extremely clean and clutter-free. Make careful use of each area in rooms that are unusual by arranging your furniture in a way that makes the most of every inch.

7. Be a smart seller

There’s still so much more to say about this! Here are a few ideas for further reading:

  • To obtain as many prospects as possible, market your home – Use well-known house marketing websites like House Beautiful and StreetEasy, but also consider local advertising (such as Greensheet), social media, and referral marketing (ask your friends to tell their friends!) Don’t restrict yourself once someone shows interest. Continue to promote the property until it is sold.
  • Make sure all paperwork is in order: Read offers and contracts thoroughly, and have your agent explain anything you don’t understand.
  • Disclose everything – Nobody wants to get blindsided while purchasing a home! Unless you have some secret bonuses prepared – purchasers would prefer it.
  • Make SURE buyers are credit-worthy – Don’t even think about their offer if your buyer isn’t pre-qualified by a lender.

8. Try not to sign on your next house before finding a buyer for yours

The last stage is the most difficult: selling your old home and purchasing a new one. You want both closings to happen on the same day or within a few days of each other, but things don’t always work out this way. That is why, as previously stated, you should not sign on your new house until someone has signed on your old one. It would be more financially advantageous to rent a hotel for a few days or weeks than to pay two mortgages, etc. at the same time. If there is no alternative method of doing so, utilizing bridge financing to own both homes simultaneously is an option.

9. Sell Your House to Real Estate Investors

If it all sounds TOO much to worry about…. It’s actually a lot! But individuals like you do it every day, and the procedure will not be unfamiliar to your agent.

Another approach to make a smooth shift from one home to the next is to collaborate with real estate investors like 664 Home Buyers. While you may not get the full price for your house, you also won’t have to worry about paying for agents, repairs or staging, and you will know exactly when the house will close (you get to choose!) You’ll also be paid a flat cash amount at closing, so you won’t have to worry about a buyer backing out at the last minute.

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