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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my company’s page.  I am the proud founder of 664 Holdings and 664homebuyers.com.  Some people ask me where the 664 comes from.  Does it have meaning?  The answer is yes.  I always like to be reminded of where I come from no matter how much success or failure I encounter.  It’s a reminder to me of my humble beginnings.  You see, although I was born here in the US, I spent a significant amount of my youth living in Tijuana, Mexico.  Hence the 664, Tijuana’s telephonic area code.  

After 7 years of proud military service in the US Army, I relocated to Las Vegas, NV where I have been for close to two decades.  I am proud to call Las Vegas, my adopted hometown and very proud to be a locally owned and operated company.  Why does this matter?  Familiarity with the valley and its real estate market assures you are getting a fair cash offer.

My company’s purpose is to help provide solutions to the unexpected and potentially burdensome challenges that may accompany owning real estate.  I pride myself in providing a solution even if the solution lies beyond the capabilities of 664 Home Buyers.  Let’s make sure that the decision to sell is not an impulse decision but the right decision and that 664 Home Buyers is the right buyer for your property.  I have been in situations myself where I had to sell a property fast for cash because of the circumstances.  I can sympathize and relate.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and 664 Home Buyers.  I look forward to meeting you in person and having the opportunity to serve you.

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